• The 6th International Conference on Industrial Artificial Intelligence (IAI 2024) will be held Wednesday through Saturday, August 21-24, 2024 at Liaoning Friendship Hotel in Shenyang, China. IAI 2024 aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from all over the world to facilitate discussions of recent developments in the artificial intelligence driven modeling, control, and optimization of industrial processes. The conference will feature a rich program, including plenary lectures, contributed and invited sessions, workshops, oral presentation sessions and poster sessions.    

  • Topics within the scope of the conference:
    but not limited to)

     lIndustrial process intelligent   sensing and modeling: First principles modeling, data-based modeling, digital   twin and metaverse for industrial processes. 
     lComputational intelligence:Data mining and big data analytics,   machine learning approaches such as neural networks, fuzzy logic, and   evolutionary computation. 
     lAI-driven cooperative autonomous   control: New   intelligent theories and methods, such as multi-agent system analysis and   cooperative control, data-driven control for autonomous systems, and   multi-agent reinforcement learning. 
     lAI-driven industrial process   operational optimal decision-making:Intelligent decision system architecture and methods, such   as non-convex optimization, dynamic intelligent optimization and   multi-objective optimization. 
     lAI-driven abnormal situation   monitoring and prediction: Big   data based remote visual monitoring, prognostics and health management, and   virtual manufacturing. 


  • Initial Paper Submissions        May   31, 2024

    Decision   Notification        July   15, 2024

    Final Submissions        August   1, 2024


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August 21-24,2024