The IAI 2024 will be onsite-online mixed. Participants outside mainland China may choose to register for online conference.

Member, Non-Member and Life Member registrants may upload up to two (2) final papers, and a token fee of $150 ($75 for online attendee) is required for the second paper. Reduced rate (Students) registrants are only allowed to upload one final paper.

There is an additional 5% discount on the registration fees for IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) members, independently of the regular IEEE membership discount.

The length of final papers is restricted to 6 pages. For extra pages, $200 USD/page will be charged. All papers will be accepted with the understanding that the authors will present them at the conference. At least one author of each accepted paper will be required to register at the website for the conference before uploading the final version. After the registration is completed, the registered author should email the registration  information form to the contact email (title of email: Paper ID+Registered Author Name)and wait for at least a day to submit the final submission.

Important Notes:

In IAI conferences, the authors are not encouraged to present multiple papers. Instead they are expected to present the best of their work and participate actively in the sessions, taking part in the discussions. Because of this, the registration fee is for the presentation of one paper only. If due to some reason, a second (maximum) paper is to be presented, a token fee of $ 150 has to be remitted for that paper.

Registration fees for paper submission

   IEEE member$400 USD$800 USD
   IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) member$380 USD$760 USD
   Non-IEEE members$500 USD$1000 USD
   IEEE student member$250 USD$500 USD
   IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) student member$237.5 USD$475 USD
   Student nonmember (or participants without duties, requiring NOC approval)$300 USD$600 USD
   CAA member$365 USD$730 USD
   IEEE life member$250 USD$500 USD
   Second paper$75 USD$150 USD
   Extra pages fee$200 USD/page

The PayPal transactions and Alipay provided for the registration fee payment.

The registration fee can be paid via PayPal by following the steps:

1. Click the image link below;
2. Click 'Send' button and then login your PayPal account;
3. Select 'USD' and enter the specified registration amount;
4. At the bottom “Add a note”, enter the registrant's information, including paper number, name, organization, communication & email address, and registration type. Then click Continue
5. If it shows 'Paying for goods or services' with a shield icon, please change it to Sending to a friend;
6. Review the transaction details and click 'Send Money Now;
7. Click “Go to Summary” to see the transactions and then click “Log Out'.
Payments by PayPal

Authors from mainland China can also choose to pay the registration fee with RMB via Alipay. Daily  average 1 USD = 7.25 CNY on June 18, 2024 is adopted. Please leave the registrant's information correctly.

 Registration Type Onsite
IEEE member5800.00 CNY Alipay Logo
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) member5510.00 CNY Alipay Logo
Non-IEEE member
7250.00 CNY Alipay Logo
IEEE student member3625.00 CNY Alipay Logo
IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) student member3443.75 CNY Alipay Logo
Student nonmember (or participants without duties, requiring NOC approval)4350.00 CNY Alipay Logo
CAA member5292.50 CNY Alipay Logo
IEEE life member3625.00 CNY Alipay Logo
Second paper1087.50 CNY Alipay Logo
Extra pages fee1450.00 CNY/page Alipay Logo

If you have any concern, please feel free to contact us at